Review of Jacks or Better from Net Entertainment

If you are shopping for a video slot with a high payout and fast gameplay, then Jacks or Better Double slot is the friend next door. More interesting is its computer-game feel and look. As expressed in , Jacks or Better is a must-try award winning slot.

Jacks or Better Video slot Overview

If you ever feel at home when seated at a poker table, you will fall in love with this digital-version classic video slot game. This single player slot game boasts of a high payout and a fast gameplay. According to , it is aforce to recon for its

  • Great variation from the traditional video pokers
  • Enhanced graphical display

With Jacks or Better video poker, you can play up to 25 hands. The company has once again applied the same colored background on this slot game, though with added polish and panache. The surface of this high profile game is smooth and to the point.

Jacks or Better Game Interface

The moment you load the game, you will quickly notice that the various hands displayed feature various payouts that by far make the game overly attractive. The area that you can get to customize is just beneath the interface. Take your time and give it a fitting look.

At the customization area, you can easily adjust the hand count in play at any given round. This implies that you can easily alter between one to five hands. At the game's bet level, there is a maneuvering space with a range of one to five.

NetEnt Jacks or Better Gameplay

This video slot plays just like any other poker game. It features 52 cards and no wilds. For a minimum payout, you need to land a pair of Jacks. Another unique thing about Jacks or Better video slot is its 6-mode feature that has:

  • 1, 5, 10 ,25, and 100 hands/bet

This video slot also boasts of a unique gamble feature that features the option for betting the winnings for a chance to quadruple or double them. If you gauze the color of a card correctly, you will automatically be awarded a 2x multiplier for the winning bet.

Jacks or Better Betting Options

In addition to its greater look and exhibiting different hand versions in a single game, this video slot provides a player with five distinct levels to play. Additionally, you also get six coin values to make your selection from. Consider playing level 5 instead of 1-4.

The moment you choose to play the slot game's level 5, its Return to the Player (RTP) immediately escalates. This same thing applies to the amount of hands that you play with. The whole thing impacts hugely on on the game's hit frequency. The frequency works as follows:

  • Playing with a single hand has a start frequency of 44.7%
  • Playing with 25 hands shoots the frequency to 99.8%


Upgrading Jacks or Better Video Slot

Unlike NetEnt casinos' classic video poker games that offer 5 different casino games, this video slot comes as one despite being available in 1, 5, 10, and 25 hand versions. It is a significant improvement especially to people who enjoy playing different versions video poker.

Although you can never miss Jack or Better video slot in any online casino, neither the players or NetEnt casinos would decline a new or improved version of this video slot. The game developer is always keen to save all the good features while upgrading the game.